Windshield Bag, black

Windshield Bag, black
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This Latigo Leather Windshield Bag is made of 9-11 oz leather. We include a strip of hard plastic, washers and screws to mount the bag to the middle screw of your windshield. Please do not use too much force when you screw it on, as it may crack your windshield. And if you have a drop of Loctite or clear nail polish, that will help to keep the screw in place and not losen up from the vibration of your bike.

We don't punch any holes in the back of the bag because we don't know how high or low you want to mount it, so it won't interfere with your handlebar gadgets. But you can punch out or drill the holes yourself. That way there are no holes that might not be needed.

We also used a BIG clasp, which is very easy to open and close even with gloves on your hands.

dimensions: ca. 11 inches long, ca. 5.5 inches high, and ca. 3.0 inches deep




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