Gun Belt

This belt will NOT sag. It has a double ply with leather and a stiffener material and is very flexible. Only available in black with black stitching. They are 1 1/2" wide.

Our belts are made to match our holsters in leather and stitching. For the best fit, go ahead and measure from the tip of the buckle to your favorite hole on the belt you're wearing now, and allow some room if you want to wear it with your firearm. 


Each belt is a custom order, with the desigh, color, and length specifically made according to your instructions, therefor we cannot accept returns.


Ladies Belts          9 oz
Dress Belts   11-12 oz
Embossed Motorcycle Belts        11-12 oz
Heavy Belts   13-14 oz
Money Belts   13-14 oz
Super Duty Belts        14 oz
Gun Belts   15-16 oz



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Price $80.00
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