Discount 5" XD IWB holster, brown

These holsters were made of a little thicker leather than what we use now. But other than that they are the same.

Our IWB Holsters are designed with 2 layers of leather at the top to aid in re holstering your weapoin. The opening does not collapse. This design also incorporates a sweat shield and does not allow the weapon to touch or rub again your body. 

Adjustable Cant.  The belt clip paddle system and the low profile belt loop with snaps will allow you to adjust the CANT to any position you find comfortable. This system will allow you to wear the same holster cross draw, SOB, OR traditional. A wrench is provided to lock it down in any position, or you may leave it loose to be able to move with your body. This system provids the utmost comfort and ability for your to wear your firearm all day. This design is one element that sets us apart from other manufactureres.




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