Crotch Cooler with crossbones embossing

Heat Shields...Crotch it what you will. It works. If you ride a v-twin then you know what a problem heat can be whether you are riding or sitting in traffic. We have come up with a product that will really help you out.

In order to install the crotch cooler you remove your seat, put the seat tang through the crotch cooler and tighten your seat back down. Pretty simple. This Crotch Cooler has a crossbones embossing. The leather is #1 bridle leather on top and with suede on the under side, so nothing can scratch your bike.

Available for Touring Models, Softails, and Dynas. For Sportsters, please send us an email with your inquiry, as we have to determine which pattern fits your Sportster.

(Patent number D671,460)


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