Crotch Cooler with Crystals (Patented)

Crotch Cooler or motorcycle heat shield with colored cryrstals
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Our Crotch Coolers do a great job to keep your legs cooler from the engine when you are stuck in traffic. They are easy to install, can't break, fall off, or melt, and are a great surface to "Bling up" your bike to make a statement. Available for most Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This heat shield is made of #1 buffed bridle leather on top and suede on the underside, so nothing can scratch your bike.

The crystals are 1/2 inch in diameter, and are available in the colors below:

Available for Touring Models and Softails only. For Sportster riders, please email us, and we can make one for you.

(Patent number D671,460)


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