1. Shoulder Holster Rig

This item is made of high-quality thick-cut leather with professional grade stitching and riveting. For adjustment you have multiple holes pre-punched that can easily accommodate the heavy-duty chicago screws included with the rig. After you get both the holster side and magazine side (completely interchangeable for either hand use and also able to be used with any holster for any weapon that we make) tight, you can use the (4) extra chicago screws to tuck the straps under and secure them to the rig for a very smooth look. 
When you look at the mag pouch you can also see from the back that we have included a straight line set of holes - not just the standard angle. That is for the operator that wants to have the mag pouch completely vertical, which will expedite draws if your training so permits it. 
It takes us max. 2 weeks from the time of your order to ship it.
If you cannot find in our selection what you are looking for, please contact us. Chances are we have it.

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